Electronic Cigarette & Vaping Perth

The popularity of vaping continues to increase in Perth since the introduction of the “first generation” –ciga-likes- e-cigarettes, which caused great revolution in Western Australia due to its similarity to analogue cigarettes. Over the past four years e-cigs technology has evolved rapidly enough to offer a product no longer resembling traditional cigarettes, but unfortunately the regulations remains restricting its sale locally, pushing the vaping community of WA to order from states like Victoria.

e cigarette perth

To support potential vapers and current users of e-cigarette in Perth and other WA cities, Soulblu has made available free shipping option and special discounts for phone orders. Please contact Soulblu through our live chat or call 03 9078 0538 for information of weekly specials and offers.

Soulblu is a premier source to get high quality electronic cigarettes, vape kits, e-liquids and other vaping supplies at great prices. We make it easier for our customers across Perth, Western Australia to find the perfect products that can match their vaping needs and requirements. We carry all the accessories required to start over or improve your vaping experience. Whether you are looking for a starter kit or a wide range of e-liquid formulations for your e-cigs, we have got them covered.

Our line of e-juice and vaping accessories can open a new dimension in e-cigarette. Available in a wide range of flavours, our e-liquids are crafted with unique formulations and provide a satisfying vaping experience to our customers. Our representatives will help you find the perfect combination that can quench your vaping needs.

Why choose Soulblu?

  • Soulblu sources it vaping products from manufacturers offering high quality and original products.
  • Soulblu offers top quality Australian made e-liquids only, made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.
  • Soulblu support its customers before and after the sale to ensure customers succeed switching to vaping.
  • Soulblu offers priority shipping to all our WA customers.

If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to drop us a line. We are more than happy to help you out!