Soulblu - Refilling SB5 Clearomiser | Soulblu

1. Unscrew the cartomiser from the battery.

2. Unscrew the mouth piece from the cartomiser.

3. With your 3 ml blunt point syringe (bigger needle in your Refill kit*) extract 1.6 ml of e-liquid out of your bottle.

4. Slide the blunt point needle down the SIDE of your catomiser to roughly halfway, being careful not to get any liquids in the middle part (metal tube) of the cartomiser.

5. Slowly syringe the liquids into the cartomiser, make sure you monitor the amount you put in – No more than the maximum level (1,6ml). NOTE: overfilling can lead to liquids getting on your battery or reducing its life/performance and that of your cartomiser.

6. After your liquid is in, wipe off any excess eliquids and screw your mouth piece back on the cartomisers.

Your cartomisers is ready to use – To get the best vapour production; always do smooth and longer draw every time you inhale from the mouth piece. ENJOY !!!




An average smoker of 25 cigarettes/day should change Coil Head weekly, but as a rule you should change the coil head if

*The cartomisers does not produce any more or very poor vapour.

*The flavour in your cartomisers has changed to a slightly burned flavour.

To change your coil head, simply unscrew the bottom base off the cartomiser, then unscrew the coil head off the cartomiser metal body. You can wash out the cartomiser metal body and clear tank with warm water and let it sit to dry.  To install your new coil head, just screw it on to the metal body. Screw back the bottom base to the clear tank – That’s it, cartomiser is ready to use!


Throughout the day if you vape a fair bit, you will need to release some excess eliquid (created by condensation in your mouthpiece). The way to do this is unscrew your mouth piece and let any excess liquids run down the cartomiser. Do this a couple of times per day. After that simply screw your mouth piece back on and you’re good to go.