Soulblu - Resolution Charging Pack Case - Soulblu


At first, charging the Soulblu Resolution Charging Case might seem like a daunting task, but rest assured it’s simple and quick.

Inside the Soulblu Resolution Charging Case you will find: three (3) cartomisers and two (2) batteries. First battery sits on the left side of your pack, and second one sits on the right hole of the pack (the unit) - NOTE: You only will be able to charge the battery on the left side of charging case.

To charge the ecigarette battery follow these simple steps:

1. Push the battery inside the left hole of charging case,

2. Close the lid of the case,

3. Hold the case button ( Φ ) until one blue light appears (on the left side of the window), then it flashes 3 times blue (at intervals of 1 second each time), then it turns red,

4. Once the light turns red, you can move your finger off the case button ( Φ ) – Then the red light turn off itself after 3 seconds.

That’s it! The battery is charging! But remember, If you open the lid, it stops charging, so, please follow the step to recharge the battery again.

*NOTE: To know when the battery is fully charged, push the ON/OFF button ( Φ ) once – If the left light on the ‘case power indicator’ is blue, it’s charged, if it’s red it’s still charging. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge each battery.


To charge the Charging Case/pack, use the USB cable connected to the wall charger, Car Charger or Computer. Complete charge occurs when there are three (3) lights ON and the far 4th light blinks.

*NOTE: To check the amount of charge on your charging pack, push the button ( Φ ) twice – It will show you how charged it is (three lights ON means it’s fully charged). Please recharge your charging case/pack when there is only one blue light on. Charge it overnight.