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About Vaping in Australia and laws.

In Australia you can legally purchase Electronic cigarettes without nicotine, however the sale of nicotine e-liquids is illegal in every state. Under the TGA classification system, nicotine is listed as a schedule 7 dangerous poison, which makes nicotine trading illegal. If used for a therapeutic purpose, it is classified as a Schedule 4 product and can be legally imported from overseas e-cigarettes shops (online vaping stores), but the importer must hold a prescription from a registered Australian GP.

Despite of being at least 95% less harmful than smoking and encouraged in countries such as UK, Sweden, New Zealand, USA, etc, in Australia its consider a crime to use diluted nicotine e-liquids, yet you can still purchase Tobacco cigarettes which not only contains nicotine but a mixture of deadly chemical.

Everyday vapers ask what the process is to get nicotine eliquids in Australia.

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Will the FREE trade of Nicotine get legalized in Australia?

We don’t know yet, but there is a Senate inquiry into the Use and marketing of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers in Australia. We are hoping that relevant discussions and decisions between the “Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport” and vaping advocates from Australia and other countries were vaping nicotine e-liquid is legal, come together to benefit the public health of millions of smokers.

Is nicotine additive like sugar, alcohol and other addictive substances?

Nicotine is naturally occurring and can be found in many foods and drinks that hundreds of millions of people consume on a daily basis. Nicotine can be found in tomatoes, egg plants, potatoes and tea’s just to name a few. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and is a registered poison, in concentrated form it can kill, having said that too much of anything can kill.

Believe it or not vitamin D and table salt is also classed in the same LD category as nicotine, the same poison category.

Also, sugar is more addictive than nicotine, yet is consumed without a second thought. There are also more health concerns with sugar than nicotine.

Alcohol is an even more dangerous substance to be addicted to, as the withdrawals alone from alcohol can kill. One of the few addictive substances that the withdrawals can kill. It is not common in today’s society although it is still possible.

These are examples which boggles the mind as to why other products are easily available to the public from your local supermarket but not nicotine, those products that are allowed to be marketed and sold without a second thought.