Pax 3 Vaporiser Basic Kit

Pax 3 Vaporiser Basic Kit

Pax 3 Vaporiser Basic Kit

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Enjoy an efficient and flavoursome vaping session everytime you inhale from your vaporizer with the PAX 3 Basic Kit. Renowned for its sleek and powerful shape, the PAX 3 improves on the already exceptional PAX 2 in every way. Fitted with a more powerful battery that allows for longer vape sessions the PAX 3 syncs up with a dedicated phone app, letting users have a greater level of control over the temperature of their vaporizer.

For a greater level of user enjoyment everything about the PAX 3 is made to improve the experience of the vape enthusiast. From the dedicated temperature settings, stylish and modern design, and haptic feedback systems, the PAX 3 gives users a smarter vape that is personalised to their tastes and preferences.

The VAX 3 Vaporizer Basic Kit is specifically designed to provide users with a rich, flavoursome, and aromatic vape experience. From discreet rips and pulls throughout the day, to extended vape sessions in the evening with close friends, this vape kit can accommodate for your desires. Constructed from aesthetically-appealing polished and anodized aluminium the PAX 3 will soon become one of the items you never leave your home without.

With minimal settings, and a heating time of only 15 seconds, the PAX 3 is a marvel of efficiency, letting users fully enjoy it without having to wait for minutes on end. Along with four basic settings the mobile app allows users to further customise their temperature presets to better suit their tastes for maximum vapor taste.

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