Priming a coil will ensure the wick inside the tank gets well saturated with the e-juice prior to its first use. This would substantially lower down the risk of burning the wick or damaging the coil.

1. Before you refill the tank, prime the coil by putting 3-6 drops of e-juice (more or less depending on the size of the coil) directly inside the coil,

2. Place the coil inside the tank (following the manufacturer’s instructions)

3. Close the airflow. Make sure the airflow switch located at the bottom of the tank is closed before refilling it with e-liquid. If the airflow switch is left open, the tank might leak e-liquid when refilling,

4. Then refill the tank, wait 5 – 10 seconds

5. Open the airflow after 10 second,

6. Set your personal vaporiser to the minimum recommended wattage, puff about 5 time, then gradually increase by 1W as you continue vaping until you reach the maximum recommended wattage.

For example:

A coil with resistance: 1.2 Ohms has a recommended wattage range 13-20W. You MUST start a new coil at 8W, puff 5 times, then increase to 9W, puff 5 time, then increase to 10W, and so on until you reach 13W.

Be aware you will not draw much vapour at the beginning, but by the time you reach 13W things get better. You can either increase the wattage or keep vaping at 13W if you are comfortably vaping and producing good vapour.


If you set the wattage (power) too high straight away when you have a new coil, it might give you a burnt/dry hit when vaping and the coil will not last as long and burn quicker.

Do not increase the wattage higher than the maximum recommended wattage range.

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