Unflavoured PG/VG 0mg nicotine

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Propylene glycol and Vegetable Glycerine available in the following mixes:

  • 60/40 PG / VG  ratio.
  • 100% PG.
  • 100% VG.

Unflavoured Propylene Glycol and Unflavoured Vegetable Glycerine

All e-liquids sold by Soulblu are mixed with 60/40 Unflavored PG/VG 0mg nicotine ratio.

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Product Description

These mixes are available if you wish to make your own e-liquid flavours, dilute a current flavour or nicotine strength.

Unflavoured Propylene Glycol – PG provides more of a dry hit in your throat, will dry your mouth out more and lower vapour reproduction. Ideal for stealth vaping.

Unflavoured Vegetable Glycerine – VG provides more vapour reproduction, great for chasing clouds and less likely to dry your mouth out. Keep in mind that Vegetable Glycerine is a thicker substance than Propylene Glycol. Some clearomisers or cartomisers may have difficulty vaporizing 100% VG e-liquids, Soulblu recommends using the VAMO V5 or VTR ecig Kit when vaping 100% VG.

All e-liquids sold by Soulblu are mixed with 60/40 Unflavored PG/VG 0mg nicotine ratio.


To make your own e-liquids you only need to add up to 10% of Soulblu concentrate to the mix. Depending on which are your preferences, these are some helpful recipes to do your own creations:

If making 10ml non nicotine e-liquid (if making 20ml, 30ml or 50ml, then multiply the amount in ml by 2, 3, 5 respectively).

Follow this recipe: add in this order, 5.5ml of Propylene glycol (PG) + 1ml of concentrate + 3.5ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

If making 30ml non nicotine e-liquid

Follow this recipe: Add in this order: 16.5ml of Propylene glycol (PG) + 3ml of concentrate + 10.5 ml of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Shake the bottle containing the mix until the products are well combined. Allow 10 minutes or more for the mix to steep long enough for a better flavour and throaty heat. For better taste and body leave your mixes in a cool place, isolated from direct sunlight.

NOTE: Be aware there will be a difference in the e-liquids you make yourself compared to the Soulblu e-liquids you buy premixed, mainly because:

* Soulblu uses proper machineary to mix the eliquids for the right period of time,

* Soulblu have calibrated measuring equipment to add the exact amount of each ingredient to keep the consistancy from batch to batch,

* Soulblu allows the e-liquids to warm up at the right temperature,

* Soulblu let the e-liquids steep for the appropriated time to let the e-liquids to reach the maximum best flavour, throaty hit and vapour production.

* Each e-liquid is created and tagged under a specific Batch number and each bottle sold has the correspondent Batch number.

Additional Information

Bottle size

100ml Bottle, 50ml Bottle

Mix Ratio

100% PG Prolylene Glycol, PG/VG 30/70, PG/VG 40/60, PG/VG 50/50, PG/VG 70/30, PG/VG 80/20, 60/40 — PG / VG, 100% VG – Vegetable Glycerine


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