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Soulblu Caballero Lite Starter kit

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Soulblu Caballero lite kit is elegant, reliable and robust electronic cigarette designed for 20+ cigarettes per day heavy smokers. Great vapour and fantastic flavour.

Beautiful polished metal laser edged battery, Soulblu Caballero lite kit includes: One 900mAh Battery, one SB6 clearomiser (colour may vary), one Australian Made 10ml e liquids 0mg nicotine, one Soulblu USB cable, one C-tick approved Soulblu Wall charge, one needle point bottle, one Large Soulblu leather case and instructions.

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Product Description

Soulblu Caballero Lite is Soulblu Smartest option.

Economical, elegant, robust and well designed this is definitely Soulblu’s most popular electronic vaporiser starter kit. Doted with incredible battery life this e-vaporiser will keep you going for up to 19 hours, specially designed for smokers who usually smoke more than 20 cigarettes daily. 

EXCELLENT VALUE FOR PRICE $59.99 instead of $90

Soulblu Caballero Lite instruction 


  1. One 900mAh Litium Ion rechargeable batteries. It provide 800 puffs before it needs to be recharged.
  2. One SB6 clearomiser with replaceable coil head. Colour may vary.
  3. One 10ml bottle of Australian Made e liquid (Made by Eliquids Australia P/L, which is an Australian company certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.)
  4. One Soulblu USB cable.
  5. One Wall charger, complaint with Australian Electrical Safety Standard and C-tick approval.
  6. One Needle Point bottle.
  7. One Large Soulblu leather case.
  8. Instructions

Cut out over 4,400 toxic chemicals! Start the vaping journey TODAY with Soulblu Caballero Lite Starter Kit.


Switch to vaping today with Soulblu Caballero Lite e cigarette, a safer alternative to smoking and most reliable e-cigarettes in the market for many reasons:

SAFETY: Soulblu caballero lite charger is compliant with New Zealand and Australian Electrical Safety Standards. Our electronics are C-tick approved for your safety.
PERFORMANCE: Soulblu Caballero batteries have been designed and improved by Australian Electronic Engineers to perform better and last longer hours.
QUALITY: Our e liquids have MSDS and Health certificated and have been manufactured by “Eliquid Australia P/L” which is an Australian company certified with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


Function: Manually activated by pressing the diamond button.

Battery Performance: up to 19 hours of use.

Battery life: 300 charges before performance start to drop.

Dimensions: length: 152mm, diameter: 14mm.


1. Recharge Soulblu Caballero Lite battery using only Soulblu Caballero USB cable and Soulblu Wall Charger. Alternatively you can use Soulblu Car charger connected to Soulblu Caballero USB cable.

2. Keep Soulblu Caballero Lite electronic cigarettes and e liquids away from high temperatures.

3. Keep out of reach of children.


1. Refilling the SB6 clearomiser: 

Prior to refilling SB6 Clearomiser, make sure the coil head is screwed on tightly to the bottom base of the tank

Its a bottom fill tank

2. Using your Soulblu Lite e-cigarette:

Screw Sb65 Clearomiser into the battery, press the diamond button at the same time you inhale long smooth drags. Release the button once you stop inhaling.

3. Changing the Coil Head:

Replace SB6 Coil Heads weekly if a burnt taste appears, SB6 clearomiser stop working or amount of vapour produced decreases.

Unscrew the botton base of sb6 Clearomiser; unscrew old coil head; wash all parts with hot tap water and dry them; replace with the new SB6 coil head. Place all parts back together.

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