Suggested Switching Methods

Suggested Switching Methods

You could follow your own method to help you have a smoother transition to vaping, however we would like to suggest two methods which have been successful to most of our customers in the last five (5) years serving from our Vape shop in Preston, Victoria. These are only suggestions, NOT a medical advice.

METHOD 1* two-day dual vaping/smoking

For people who have been smoking for more than ten years or are extremely heavy smokers, follow the following steps from day one (1) to four (4).

Day One: Vape all day as per usual routine and have 2-3 cigarettes during that first day.

Day two: Vape all day as per usual routine and have 2-3 cigarettes during that second day.

Day three: Vape all day as much as you need to, but DO NOT touch a cigarette.

Day four: Vape all day as much as you need to, then try one cigarette at the end of the day. Most likely you will not be able to finish that one cigarette, as it will not taste nice, you will not enjoy it.

How will the impossible happen?

As your body does not go through a complete “Cold Turkey” process, your brain and other organs are not registering a shock from the absence of nicotine and other chemicals, but instead, your whole system start to progressively transition from all poisons, toxins and chemicals present in cigarettes to water vapour and nicotine (if you have decided to go down the nicotine choice).

  • By day three: your taste buds and sense of smell will go back to normal, then you can taste the real flavour and smell of cigarettes on day four. As you realize how bad that “one cigarette” tastes and smells compared to vaping, you will feel disgusted and disappointed, then choose to vape instead of smoking.
  • By day four: without even planning your body gets used to vaping and the new nicotine delivery system (if you have chosen nicotine vaping).  

METHOD 2** last in the pack,never back

For people who have been smoking for a shorter period (under 10 years) and smoke less than ten cigarettes a day or are socially smokers, we recommend a simpler approach:

Day one: finish the last cigarettes you have left in the packet. Vape from then on as much as you need to.

One Week vape on: just vape for a week as much as you need to or as per your usual routine.

How will the impossible happen?

By the time your body register the lack of chemicals, your brain has already made the conscious decision to just vape and you will not crave smoke, therefore you will not need to purchase another pack of cigarettes ever again.

You may experience some form of withdrawal, but typically these only last a couple of days. Please keep strong, especially when hanging out with friends who smoke.

  • A week later of JUST VAPING, try smoking one cigarette out of curiosity. Most people get up to the second puff and cannot finish the whole cigarette, putting it aside and getting a higher confidence level about giving up.

By then, you will start to understand that with little effort you can substitute smoking with vaping.  

** These are only recommended methods to help with your harm reduction plans. This is not medical advice or scientifically proven strategies to quit smoking. The alternatives here described are based on personal experiences and feedback from thousands of customers who successfully made the transition from smoking to vaping.

Please refer to your G.P if you require further advice on quitting or call the quit line in your area.