Vaping Journey

From smoking to Vaping, my own Journey!

I have been a smoker since those days when smoking was normalized by big tobacco attracting all generations with ads containing beautiful and popular models, or movie starts showing up on the big screen making everyone believe that smoking was sexy and trendy.

Being like one of many who started smoking to be part of a group, if I did not smoke I could not fit in. Coughing with the first fag inhaled to the lungs, I thought nothing could go wrong by trying a bit more and started to like the feeling, even getting used to the head spin produced afterward.

Being considered part of a social event, alcohol and cigarettes started to be associated and every party had to have those elements for it to be a great party! Unfortunately, and without knowing smoking started to become an addiction, which I became comfortable with, and nobody informed yet about the negative health effects my body started to cope with, even worst I was not told that one day I could suffer incurable terminal diseases.

A decade or two later, media and government (who supported and gained revenues $$$ from big tobacco) began to bombard all smokers with lots of propaganda telling us “smoking will kill you, so stop now”, yet not stopping the FREE sale of tobacco cigarettes in every corner. Ha! I

became so addicted to the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes, just thinking about quitting made me sick. I wasted so much money, energy and sleep using all the Nicorette quitting solutions available from the chemist: nicotine patches, nicotine gums, nicotine sprays and prescribed drug Champix. My last attempt were $1,000 sessions of hypnotherapy, guess what I did on my way to the car? Smoke, off course.

  • Did I enjoy my addiction? Yes, I did very much.
  • Did I want to die young? No, not at all;
  • What do you think I did?

Google search: “alternative to smoking”. BANG! E-CIGARETTES were the result.

A week later I was set up with my first Vaping starter kit. I could not believe it was possible: NEVER again I lighted a Cigarette. It has been six (6) years since I last HAD one stinky one; I cannot lie about not trying one out of curiosity, but it tasted horrible and repulsive I had to put it away after the second drag. Yuck!

Please be aware, when you search about e-cigarettes, you will find a lot of negative propaganda from different sources with vested interests, so my advice to you BE SMART, get ready to read different studies about e-cigarettes as a Harm Reduction Alternative, learn what the health departments from other countries (UK, USA, NZ) are recommending, make your own judgements and decide what is best for you NOW!

Hopefully my advice will inspire you,

From: a non-smoker, proudly Vaper for six years!