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Vape Shop Melbourne CBD - Buyhigh quality e cigarette, E liquids & Vaping supplies from Soulblu – best online Vape store Australia with free delivery across Australia. We offer e cigarette, e liquids & vaping supplies from leading brands like Wick and Wire, Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin, Wotofo, Joyetech, Smoktech (Smok), Eleaf, Wismec, etc.

Which Vape to choose?

Vapour cigarette Starter Kits, there is an abundance on the market, so why choose a Soublu vapour cigarette starter kit? We have our own manufacturer that produces solely Soulblu branded vapour cigarettes, to our specifications and requirements. Our electronic cigarettes may look similar to others on the market, it is what is inside that counts. Each Soulblu vapour cigarettes has been rigorously tested and improved upon prior to it being put on the shelf for sale. If it isn’t Soulblu branded it has been tested for a minimum of 6 months of use and has been looked by an engineer to assess the quality, performance and longevity.

All of this has been done so you can trust Soulblu’s vapour cigarette starter kits  will work, perform and last its life span. These aren’t just fake cigarettes these are personal vaporisers, for use where you want when you want. E-cigarettes starter kits are the real alternative and guilt free option.

Vapour cigarette starter kit vary from one to another, since they can have different: battery usage period before recharging, e liquid flavours and strengths, Vape cigarette length, width, colour, functionality, and other specifications such as voltage, resistance and wattage. Every smoker has their own smoking habits and needs.  Knowing this we have tailored a range of different electronic cigarettes starter kits that will satisfy the needs for any customer, from lite to heavy smokers.

Soulblu disposable vapour cigarettes

It is the cheapest, easier and quicker way to try and feel what Vape are all about. Soulblu disposable Vape only cost $10 dollars, which is still cheaper than a pack of overprices cigarettes available at the tobacconist shops. Each disposable e cigarette last approximately 400 puff or the equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

You can choose any of these flavor which is closer to the cigarette brand you use or any flavor preference: WIN, MLB, Ben&H, Tobacco, Menthol, Apple, Chocolate, Cherry, Blueberry, Melon, vanilla, Grape, Mint gum, coffee and strawberry.

Dimensions: length: 110mm, diameter: 10mm.
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Soulblu Resolution vapour cigarette starter Kit

It is for people who smoke between 15-20 cigarettes a day.

Stylish, modern and cigarette like design ideal for smokers who dont want the vaping device to be too different from tobacco cigarettes. This starter kit includes a black with shiny-silver finish “Personal Charging Case PCC which recharges your batteries on the go anywhere you go.

This vapour cigarette starter kit includes prefilled cartomisers in tobacco flavour, but you have the option to add extra refillable cartomisers SB3 or Nano clearos if you prefer vaping eliquids.

Dimensions: length: 100mm, diameter: 9mm.
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Soulblu Caballero and Caballero Lite Starter kit

They are for people who smoke above 20 cigarettes a day. The reason why these Starter kits are the most popular is because the battery last up to 19 hours when fully charged,SB5clearomiser is easy to use and produce a great amount of vapour and flavor inhale is fantastic. It is available in black, white and silver. Soulblu Caballero is manually activated by pressing a diamond button, which glows blue with each puff. Elegant, reliable and robust are the descriptions we get form customers reviews.
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Dimensions: length: 152mm, diameter: 14mm.

VAMO V5 variable voltage

It is commonly identified as Mod and is for people who smoke 40+ cigarettes a day or people who want greater customization of their vaping experience by tailoring it to them. Being the biggest vapour cigarette from Soulblu range, the VAMO V5 produces the greatest amount of vapour, last longer hours when batteries are fully charged and flavour released is also stronger. Big size, no fuss and customizable are the reviews we get from Soulblu customers.
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Dimensions: length: 182mm or 215mm with extension, diameter: 21mm.

iTaste VTR

Variable volt and variable wattage. Exceptional device for any experienced vaper! This gorgeous personal vaporiser is an absolute pleasure to vape on.

It may look bulky yet it is extremely comfortable in the hand, pleasure to use. It’s simple rotation dial allows you to turn to your preferred setting that will not change in your pocket. Battery life is easy to find out.  iClear 30s tank and 510 extension are included.
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Buy best quality electronic cigarette, vape pens, vape mods, e cigarette starter kits, e liquids & vaping supplies from Soulblu Australia – leading vape shop Melbourne offering Australian wide free delivery. We offer wide range of products ranging from leading brands like as Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin, Wotofo, Joyetech, Smoktech (Smok), wick and wire, Eleaf, Wismec, etc. in addition to vape supplies, we also sell the premium range of e liquids.

If you have any enquiries on the ecig kits please feel free to contact the friendly Soulblu team.

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